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Preachers of LA Episode 1 | Full Episode

Preachers of LA Episode 1 | Season 1 Episode 1

Update: Season 2 Full Episodes

Preachers Of LA Episode 1Preachers of LA Episode 1 is now out.  Everyone has been anticipating Preachers of LA Episode 1 and it has come out with very mixed reviews.  This season will be sure of surprises.

In this episode you get the opportunity to meet all the Preachers of LA.  Some of you will love them and some of you may have a great distaste for them.  The show starts off with Deitrich Haddon introducing us to his beautiful, young fiancee’ (now wife) and their new daughter.  One thing you can say for sure is that, Deitrich is honest and raw.  He puts all his cards on the table.  He talks about the infidelity in his marriage with Damita Haddon,  finding a new love, having a baby out of wedlock, still trusting God and moving forward.

Also, Bishop Noel Jones has a certain swag all by himself.  He talks candidly about being divorced for 20 years and his uncertainty to remarry, ever again.  Surprisingly he was not in much of this episode, I wonder why.  At this point, I wonder if Bishop is going to be sharing in all of the controversy and shine as the other Preachers of LA.  With the largest congregation of the cast 20,000 members he may be a little more laid back or maybe his real busy. Time will tell.

The other Preachers have a story and we will see how they lives unfold.  As far as the breakout star, of course it’s Deitrich Haddon and he starts great controversy in Preachers of LA episode 1 from the start with Bishop Clarence McClendon.

What did you think of the show?  Would you want your Pastor on it?  Just saying….

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