Posted Jan 24, 2013 by Yolanda Bell in Controversy

Isaac Carree’s Response to Deitrick Haddon Allegations


Isaac Carree makes a statement regarding Deitrick Haddon’s allegation of adultery.

In a statement to AlwaysAList.com:

““It has been brought to my attention that Deitrick Haddon recently made some very hurtful statements about me. I, as well as my wife, are both shocked and confused by Deitrick’s actions. It saddens me that he would seek to engage in mudslinging with me, especially because he and I have spoken openly and honestly about this, even long before his allegations. While I have no desire to drag these personal conversations into a public forum, he and I both know what the truth is. Still, I pray God’s best for him and his family,” Isaac told us. “This weighs heavily on me, but I am grateful for the opportunity to speak from my heart. This will be the only statement that I will make regarding this situation,” he concluded.”

We must remember not to judge anyone’s situation.  Only the parties involved know the whole truth and they are entitled to handle it privately.  It’s unfortunate that it is being played out in social media.  We must continuously pray for one another!


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